Friday, September 27, 2013

September 26, 2013

Sometimes the journey is difficult.

Tobit 1:6 LXX

But I alone traveled frequently to Jerusalem for the feast days, as it is written for all of Israel in an everlasting ordinance. I would carry the first fruits and the tithes of my harvest and the first-shearing.

Personal Challenge…

Tobit is one of the apocryphal books that does not exist in most Western Bibles. This book is a love story which is similar to the love story encapsulated in John 3:16 by Jesus: A father sending his son into the world so that he may find a bride, save her, and bring her back rejoicing to his parents. This verse reminds me that often times to be truly submissive to my Lord, to follow Him where He leads me, I will have to do things that are inconvenient for me and often contradictory to those around me. So be it, because His glory is more important than mine.

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