Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016


Numbers 12:3

(Now the man Moses was very meek, more than all men on the face of the earth.)

Personal challenge

It is absolutely amazing, how much is packed to this one, little parenthetical verse. You must know the rest of the story however to get the full power of this statement about Moses being more meek, or humble than all the men on the face of the earth. Moses was selected by God to see Him and hear His voice in the burning bush. He was chosen to confront Pharoah, one of the most powerful men of his time in order to lead God's chosen people out of Egypt. He was chosen to go to the mountain top and receive the ten Commandments from the hand of God, not once, but twice. And this list goes on and on. God did not choose him because be was some bold, in your face, type A personality. He chose him because he was meek. For 40 years Moses lead a stubborn, stiff-necked group of people, millions of them, through the dessert. He was not boastful about it. He did not do it pridefully. At one time he even offered up his life on behalf of these sinful and obnoxious people when they kept defying God. This meek and humble man would not be recognized today as the most important leader of the world. Maybe we need to start asking God to help us to see things His way and to think like Him. Lord, have Mercy! Lord, have money! Lord, have mercy!

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