Friday, July 28, 2017

July 26, 2017


Job 28:28

He said to man, ‘behold, the fear of God is wisdom,
And to abstain from evils is understanding.’

Personal Challenge
So often, in our lives as Christians, we get caught up in the pursuit of the knowledge of God and we end up knowing Him even less. There is nothing wrong with learning more, more about our faith, more about the history of our faith, more about those who have gone before us as the pillars of our faith, but here we have God telling us what we must do to gain true wisdom and understanding. God's wisdom comes from living a life focusing on Him, respecting Him and who He is, fearing Him as the awesome God that He is, but knowing that He loves us so much that we have nothing to be afraid of. This does not come from books, or lectures, or seminars, but from living a life of submission to, and trust in our Living God. The understanding that what we receive from God comes from living our lives in ways where we strive to abstain from evil ways and attempt to live pure and righteous lives. To grow in wisdom and understanding, we need to be active in living our lives Gods' ways. Glory be to God!

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