Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 9, 2017


Psalms 86:15 (85:15 LXX)

But You, O Lord, are compassionate and merciful,
Longsuffering and very merciful and truthful.

Encouraging Words

It still amazes me that the western version of Christianity bases their entire view of God on the belief that He is an angry and judgmental God who is ready to squish us like ants. This has created a way of thinking and acting that makes people judgmental of others and expectant that the only way to appease God's anger is to have someone greater than mankind substituted for the expected punishment. This is not what the early fathers of the church taught. They taught that God is love, that He loves His creation deeply and desires that we love Him and our neighbor. They did not teach that Jesus, who was fully God and fully man, had to be born of a virgin to stand between God's wrath and us, the designated recipients of that wrath. They taught that since by man (Adam), sin entered into God's creation, that through this sin man would die, and that Jesus became man so that through His incarnation, His living a sinless life as a man, His willingness to die on the cross an innocent man, His going into Hell and breaking the bonds of death, and His resurrection and ascension onto Heaven, that all of mankind can enter into His family. What a difference! To God be the glory

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