Friday, February 24, 2017

February 24, 2017


Psalms 46:1 (45:2 LXX)

God is our refuge and power;
A help in afflictions that severely befall us.

Encouraging Words

This seems to be a much-needed theme lately. Life in this fallen world does not always go as smoothly as we would like. There are always ups and downs, challenges and difficulties, and just plain resistance to our attempts to live godly lives. But we are not alone on our journey through this temporal life. Our God is there as our refuge, our power, and our help. He also has placed our loved ones in our lives to make it through each day. He has given us His Church to surround us, even though sometimes we mess that up a bit. But our God is both consistent and persistent at loving us and being there for us. If we look at the rest of eternity as the timeline of our lives, then the challenge of the day become minuscule compared to the magnitude of our God. Glory be to God!

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