Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

Isaiah 26:2-4

Open the gates; let the people enter who keep righteousness and guard the truth, and who lay hold of the truth and keep peace, because they hope forever in You, O Lord, the great and eternal God,

Encouraging Words...

What a wonderful progression we have here. It all starts with our great and eternal God. Jesus, God as man, came to live amongst His creation so that death coud be conquered and so that we would have someone to put our hope into. Through that hope in Christ and our desire to be like Him we can be peacemakers in the world around us. As we do this we can begin to lay hold of the truth that He reveals to us. As we guard this truth, assimilate it into our lives, we become more like Him in our righteousness and enter the gates that He has opened before us.

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